SSIS Framework Selection

After 16 years of BI development in the IBM Cognos stack, I’ve recently jumped ship over to Microsoft and have faced a pretty steep learning curve as I plan to build a robust data warehouse and reporting solution in three months!

To jump start this activity I’ve been reviewing SSIS Frameworks, which will provide the ‘belts and braces’ around ETL code without my having to invest months building this logic around logging, notification, error detection / recovery and job flow from scratch.

This past week I’ve looked into three frameworks. The BI Monkey V1 framework was written for SQL2008R2. I got this mostly working against 2016RC2, but found limitations as Package Execution tasks are not being able to execute SSIDB packages. I also found the master / child architecture to be complex; I can see the benefits however don’t have the time to invest in learning this up front.

Next, I fired up the Mojomo framework which was written for SQL2012. This is an evolution of the BI Monkey framework with SSIDB compatibility. I found this release to be even more complex, and had issues even finding the jobstreams. It seems that SSDT  2015 puts the master jobstream about 30 page-downs from the top, and I was unable to move it up!

Lastly, I came across another SSIS Framework by sqlarchitect. This appears to be a great fit for my needs, it has the rigour I need with  the simplicity I crave.

If you’re keen to try the ‘another SSIS Framework’, but are a little on the green side of SSIS then check out my getting started guide here.

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  1. Ryan YUE says:

    it is good direction to me. I have the same situation.
    I plan to use “another ssis framework”. And updates or concerns?

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